Program Kotwica

The ANCHOR program

We have already launched a free training programme called ‘THE ANCOR’ for volunteers who are willing to provide support in war conditions or to people experiencing war trauma.
The programme includes:
  • psychoeducation for persons handling war trauma and crisis situations
  • support groups for volunteers



‘THE ANCOR’ training programme for Polish volunteers was initiated by coordinators of volunteer teams who decided to take care of the mental condition of their teams and asked us for support.

Training courses in psychoeducation and support groups should be compulsory for all volunteers who have big hearts but need preparation to work in war conditions. This means that every volunteer is eligible for this type of training, as it is the first such experience for the Polish society after the Second World War.



The programme was developed and is run by the Angels of Culture Foundation, which has worked with humanitarian organisations operating in the Otef Aza region since 2014. Moreover, since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine the Foundation has been providing support to Polish volunteers, in cooperation with Israeli psychotraumatologists with practical experience in helping people living in war zones and regions of terror. Members of the international organisation Physicians for Human Rights, social workers providing services to Syrian refugees or to people living in the Gaza Strip as well as mental health professionals working with Israeli soldiers have taken part or are taking part in our project.


FORMS OF SUPPORT We provide support for Polish volunteers through psychoeducation programmes focusing on war trauma and crisis situations, and support groups which focus on:

  • preparing volunteers to work under extreme stress experienced during the war
  • strengthening mental and emotional resilience of volunteers who are particularly vulnerable to stress, i.e. the ones working on the border, in humanitarian service points and in Ukraine.


If you are a coordinator of a team of volunteers and you want to take care of the condition of the people in your team, contact us by e-mail:

or call us: + 48 578 181 777



You may enrol on our course now. There are 15 places available on this course. Groups are closed, so you will be accepted if you apply first and meet the following criteria:

work on the Polish-Ukrainian border on regular basis


distribute humanitarian aid in Ukraine on regular basis


work in Ukraine


work in humanitarian centres and humanitarian service points

Do not delay, take care of yourself and your volunteers!